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Duster (2010-2017) - Door seals (Dacia Original), OEM823880007R+828350014R

Duster (2010-2017) - Door seals (Dacia Original)

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Duster (2010-2017) - Door seals (Dacia Original), OEM823880007R+828350014R

Duster (2010-2017) - Door seals (Dacia Original)

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OEM 50014R


Quick Overview

Your car needs these door seals. If the doors are not sealed properly, they let in cold or hot air, sometimes water and almost always excess noise. Rubber seals are very inexpensive to replace and quite easy to fit, so don't put them at the bottom of your shopping list.

Regular Price: €65.90

Special Price €55.90


Door seals for Dacia Duster (2010-2017)

DACIA ORIGINAL: 823880007R + 828350014R

As your vehicle gets older, the rubber seals around the doors can become weaker and stop working as efficiently. They can dislodge themselves, become unstuck from the door frames and start to leave a space between the door frame and the rubber seal itself.

Door seals keep your cars inside dry, quiet, and secure. Without them, you get wind, dirt, noise, and rattling. More importantly, faulty seals let in water, which can cause a lot of damage to your car’s interior.

They also keep door parts from rubbing against one another, which makes noise, and wears them down. 

Quantity: 2 pieces (left and right)

Compatibility list

Model DUSTER I (2010-2017)


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