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Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2

Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk"


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Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2
Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Aileron hawk beige dune Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2 Aileron hawk duster 2 Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk", GR-RSd2

Duster II (2018-2020) - Roof spoiler "Hawk"

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Quick Overview

If you have always dreamed to create an unique look for your car, it's a good idea to start with a roof spoiler. Designed exclusively for your vehicle, this accessory precisely fits the contours of the rear roof of your car, distinguishing the exterior of your Duster.

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Roof spoiler for Dacia Duster II (2018-2020)

Material: Fiberglass (Fiberglass material is more resistant to weather and chemical corrosion compared to plastic and usually is more flexible, which means that it will flex instead of crack and bend instead of break, lasting longer.)

Color: Black - Ready to be painted

Special adhesive for strong fixing included

When you consider a spoiler for your vehicle, the first thing that may come to mind is speed.

This spoiler is an enhancement to accentuate the sleek aerodynamics of your vehicle. Having an aesthetically pleasing car is an important consideration. Adding a spoiler can increase the resale value of your car. In fact, a spoiler may be the most effective appearance upgrade you choose to install.

The main benefit of installing a spoiler on a car is to help it maintain traction at very high speeds. Generally, when a car goes very fast, the air pressure can lift the car, which makes it difficult to maneuver the car without the danger of having it spin out of control. Rear spoilers, in particular, push the back of the car down so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability.

Adding spoilers that raise the downward force on the back of the car not only increases traction, but the breaking ability as well. Drivers will have an easier time braking, even at high speeds, making driving even safer.

Another advantage of installing a rear spoiler on a car is the added visibility. This means other drivers on the road can easily see the car and prevent rear-end collisions and other types of accidents.

  • Maintain Traction
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Create a Stylish Look
  • Increase Braking Stability

Compatibility list

Model DUSTER II (2018-2019)
Brand Motordrome


  1. User profile
    Super achat review by Romano

    Reçu 8 jours après la commande. Paraît d' excellente qualité ( poids rassurant ).
    Le carrossier me demande 100 € pour la peinture et la pose. Sinon il reste la bombe...

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