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Recensioni - Duster II (2018-2020) - Set di traino (gancio di traino + barra di traino + set di elettrici) Galia premium - CGR-D0416C

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    Good quality review by Shedman

    The towbar is very good, heavy duty, galvanized, and easy to fit.
    The wiring is not so easy. I was hoping that the wiring kit was custom made for the vehicle and would be "Plug and Play", for instance just removing the light cluster plug inserting a "piggy-back" connector then replacing the original plug. However it comes with the usual insulation displacement connectors that crimp onto the existing wires. It also comes with a so-called "CAN bus" module although I could see no signs of a CAN bus, just conventional wiring. The colours of the Duster wiring loom are totally different from the wire colours on the CAN bus module so a meter is required to work out the connections. Once I'd worked out tidy routes for the wires, especially the one that goes all the way to the battery, everything worked first time. Oh, yes - the wiring instructions are all in Romanian, Google translate to the rescue!
    Overall I am pleased with it, and would buy another. Fitting one a second time would be much easier.

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You're reviewing: Duster II (2018-2020) - Set di traino (gancio di traino + barra di traino + set di elettrici) Galia premium

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